Can-Am Spyder® RT Sea To Sky SE6 2021 $35,999.00 CAD

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$35,999.00 CAD
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SPYDER LIMITED IN THE NEW SEA-TO-SKY EDITION ! 2021 Can-Am® Spyder® RT Sea To Sky SE6 SPYDER RT:THE RIDE REIMAGINED LUXURY BEYOND COMPARE Around every bend and at the end of every horizon, there’s a new luxury to discover. With its premium comfort and storage for two, a Spyder RT won’t just get you there, it’ll keep you determined for more. And if you’re looking for a ride that grabs just that little bit more attention, we have something special for you: our Sea-to-Sky limited-edition model. 2021 SPYDER RT SEA-TO-SKY WALKAROUND DISCOVER THE NEW FEATURES, COLORS AND ACCESSORIES Let our product experts walk you around the 2021 Spyder RT Sea-to-Sky. You’ll find out about the inspiration behind the vehicles’ livery, improved comfort, outstanding convenience, and unmatched style. NEW MODERN DESIGN From the unique rich textures and finishes to the premium LED headlights and modern console with full color LCD display, sophistication is found in every last detail of the all-new Can-Am Spyder RT. PREMIUM COMFORT New extra-long touring floorboards, lowered center of gravity, added seating room, plush rider and passenger heated seats, revised suspension calibration to improve riding dynamics and superior wind protection allow you and your passenger to put more distance between each stop along the adventure. Or just don’t stop at all. NEXT-LEVEL CONVENIENCE The storage is more than impressive, it’s versatile and convenient. Gear up to an astounding 47 gal (177 L) of storage, or gear down with customizable LinQ storage and accessories, including a LinQ-compatible 16 gal (60 L) rear top case (fits 2 helmets side by side). Features may include: DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY AND BRP AUDIO OVERVIEW Equipped With A New Display Technology And Intuitive Joystick, The New Gauge Lets You Enjoy The Road With Confidence. CONNECT MORE. CONNECT BETTER. AN INDUSTRY FIRST! Join the cutting edge of open-road accessibility with a range of vehicle-optimized smartphone apps using BRP Connect. Know where you’re headed with the latest navigation apps, listen to your favorite songs with Music, scan the skies with Accuweather, or share the experience with the Can-Am On-Road community with Rever, and much more all while enjoying your ride. POWERFUL AND EFFICIENT ROTAX 1300 ACE ENGINE The Rotax 1330 ACE engine is an in-line triple-cylinder configuration for maximum torque in every gear to deliver excellent roll-on acceleration and throttle response. It’s also efficient, with the ability to ride up to 252 miles (406 km) on a single tank. Plus, it’s extremely low-maintenance.Tested at constant speed. Fuel mileage may vary depending on personal riding habits, weather conditions, trip length, vehicle condition, vehicle configuration and other conditions. Break-in mileage may vary. EASY TO MANEUVER ELECTRONICALLY CONTROLLED AND DYNAMIC The electronically controlled power steering system provides a varying amount of assistance depending on the speed of the vehicle so it’s always easy to maneuver and
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