Ducati XDiavel Black Star Black Star Graphics 2021 $29,900.00 CAD

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$29,900.00 CAD
PRICE INCLUDES ALL FEES EXCEPT TAXES AND LICENSING 2021 Ducati XDiavel Black Star Black Star Graphics The Limited Edition 2021 XDiavel Black Star Ducati renews the XDiavel range by introducing the XDiavel Black Star. The XDiavel Black Star will be arriving to Canada and the United States in 2021 in a limited number of 50 units. Each unit will be specially treated with an individual number plate: 1 through 50. XDiavel, the Ducati power cruiser that combines the best of both worlds, is refreshed yet still remains true to its underlying philosophy. The new XDiavel Black Star enhances the strengths of the XDiavel. The ability to combine exciting performance, sports bike power and refined electronics with typical cruiser features: a low comfortable bike with advanced footpegs and powerful torque even at low revs with high end materials and finishes. Features may include: Limited Series The XDiavel Black Star will be arriving in Canada and the USA in a limited number of 50 units. Each unit will receive a dedicated number plate: 1 through 50. No detail has been overlooked. XDiavel Black Star The new XDiavel Black Star shows enthusiasts the sporty side of the Ducati cruiser, with livery and equipment inspired by the world of sports cars. The dedicated livery alternates matte grey and black with inevitable touches of red. The color cuts are clear and intersect, taking up the concept of the X that characterizes the family. Ergonomics The new XDiavel offers a relaxed riding position, characterized by a low seat and advanced footpegs. There are many possible riding position settings and the extensive catalogue of accessories allow all riders to adapt the bike to their riding style and shape. Riding pleasure You can tell it is a Ducati at the first corner: the way it leans, its technical content, its cutting-edge electronic package and high performance guarantee an unforgettable riding experience. The wide handlebar and advanced footpegs of the new XDiavel, on the other hand, offer riding ergonomics that allow a relaxed and comfortable ride at any speed. Engine For the entire XDiavel 2021 range, the Ducati Testastretta DVT 1262 twin-cylinder engine has an updated silencer layout, with a new design that further enhances the bike's lines and new engine calibration. As a result, the XDiavel delivers a maximum power output of 152 hp at 9,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 92.9 lb-ft at 5,000 rpm. Equipment The standard equipment of the XDiavel is extensive and includes: Bosch inertial platform (IMU), ABS Cornering and Ducati Traction Control, Ducati Power Launch, and full-LED lighting system.
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