Suzuki RM-Z450 2020 $9,725.00 CAD

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$9,725.00 CAD
2020 Suzuki RM-Z450 - THE WINNING BALANCE.The RM-Z450 wraps a sleek, race-ready appearance around a stronger engine and a nimble chassis that continues the Suzuki tradition of extraordinarily precise handling. Developed using Suzukis RUN, TURN and STOP philosophy that creates a Winning Balance, the 2020 RM-Z450 has stronger brakes for better stopping power, a wider spread of engine muscle with higher peak power, and a chassis that is stronger, lighter and more nimble to raise the standard for cornering performance. QUICKER.FASTER.HIGHER.HARDER Motocross is a relentless game, and the technology and training needed for bike and rider to excel are too. Suzuki poured more than 40 years of open-class racebike engineering into the 2020 RM-Z450 to make it the hardest-hitting, sharpest-handling, best-balanced and most rider-friendly production motocrosser in company history. RUN. TURN. STOP. Increased Engine Performance Greater power output and improved throttle response Evolved traction management Updated Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control (S-HAC) Higher Cornering Performance All-new frame and swingarm Improved coil spring front forks New SHOWA Balance Free Rear Cushion (BFRC) Renthal Fatbar aluminum handlebar New BRIDGESTONE BATTLECROSS X30 tires Better Braking Force Larger 270mm front brake disc Features may include: SUZUKI HOLESHOT ASSIST CONTROL (S-HAC) Watch any raceday motocross interview, and you’ll invariably hear “get a good start” cited as a must-do proposition. And getting holeshots is exactly what the latest version of the Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control (S-HAC) is all about. An integral part of the 2020 RM-Z450’s electronics package, the updated 3-stage S-HAC system assesses throttle position and gear selection, and then adjusts ignition timing to optimize engine output for fast launches. INDICATOR LIGHT The latest version of S-HAC included on the new RM-Z450 gives riders a choice of three settings which can be quickly selected via a handlebar-mounted switch. The “A” mode is programmed for hard surfaces, such as a concrete starting pad, clay or hard-packed dirt where controlling wheelspin is crucial to good starts. For 2020, the “A” mode algorithms are updated to provide even finer control as the throttle is being opened, giving the rider an even better feel for traction in the crucial initial moments of a launch. The “B” mode is for normal dirt conditions. Riders can also select the “Off” setting to retain standard ignition timing. TRACTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM The RM-Z450’s traction management system is different from a street-bike traction control system as it does not measure rear tire spin. Beacsue the needs of a motocrosser are different than a street bike, this system offers constant adjustment that maximizes traction at all times. The first RM-Z450 traction management system debuted for 2008, and a revised second –generation system arrived for 2013. In the RM-Z450’s third-generation traction management system, a revised ECU has fully 1.6-ti
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