Honda Gold Wing Tour DCT Airbag 2020 $35,348.00 CAD

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$35,348.00 CAD
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PRICE INCLUDES ALL FESS EXCLUDING TAXES AND LICENSING All manufacturer discounts have been applied 2020 Honda® Gold Wing Tour DCT Airbag Features may include: Athletic Styling Lighter, more responsive, more athletic – the new-generation Gold Wing rides a whole lot better than ever, and we’ve given it sleeker styling to match its energetic character. While the bodywork still offers excellent weather protection, it’s crisper now, exposing a little more of the engine and chassis. You get better performance, better looks, and a better all-around touring experience. Brilliant LED Lighting Day or night, you’ll love the Gold Wing’s LED lighting. The LED headlight design helps to light the way brilliantly when it’s dark, while the headlight and LED tail light contribute to the bike’s sleek styling. Plus, angular mirrors feature integrated self-cancelling LED turn signals. Innovative Front Suspension The Gold Wing’s innovative double-wishbone front suspension is not only revolutionary, it also improves handling and rider ergonomics. The design changes the path the wheel travels through the suspension stroke, and that allowed Honda engineers move both the engine and the rider/passenger closer to the front wheel. You get more room, and stellar road manners. Hill Start Assist Getting going when you’re stopped on an hill can be challenging, but not with the Gold Wing’s standard Hill Start Assist (HSA). This feature momentarily holds (3 seconds) your motorcycle’s position on inclines when the brakes are released and before you apply the throttle, eliminating any roll-back drama. It’s a great convenience, allowing smoother uphill launches and more rider confidence. Fuel Efficiency Because the 2020 Gold Wing is light, you’d expect it to be fuel efficient. But light weight is just part of what makes this motorcycle a fuel miser. The engine’s intake system, four-valve design, and other technologies help to improve estimated fuel economy by 22 percent compared to the previous generation.* Want to really squeeze the last kilometer out of every drop? Try the “Econ” ride mode setting. Idle Stop System The industry’s first and exclusive Idle Stop System automatically stops/starts the engine when the motorcycle is stationary. The key goals when developing this system were to make starts very quiet and smooth in addition to reducing fuel consumption and lowering noise for the riders at traffic lights. The engine stops after about 3 seconds. To restart the bike, the rider simply twists the throttle and the engine immediately starts. This feature can be manually shut off through the Vehicle Setting Menu in the infotainment system or on the right toggle Start switch.
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