Honda CRF125F Small Wheel 2020 $3,799.00 CAD

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$3,799.00 CAD
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Frt/pdi $495 + Admin From $295 2020 Honda® CRF125F A Step up before they step out Features may include: Ideal for beginners Durable, simple, low-maintenance, 125 cc air-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke engine develops the smooth, tractable power that's ideal for beginners. Simplified maintenance Maintenance-free CD ignition and automatic cam-chain tensioner contribute to the engine’s rock-solid reliability. New fuel-injection system New PGM-FI electronic fuel injection ensures a smooth flow of power for easier handling, plus trouble-free operation and maintenance. Info at a glance Handy LED lights indicate ignition ON, low fuel, and PGM-FI status. No second guessing if you’ve left the key on or you’re about to run out of gas, and another way the CRF125F helps young riders learn the basics of motorcycle operation. No engine oil contamination Closed crankcase vent system safeguards against engine oil contamination. Not too loud Quiet muffler won’t annoy the neighbours. Smooth-shifting transmission Durable four-speed transmission with a light-pull manual clutch provides smooth, sure engagement. Easy to start Convenient electric starter with kick-start backup makes getting going a breeze. New twin-spar frame The new twin-spar frame borrows its design from the CRF-R line, providing enhanced rigidity with just the right amount of tuned flex for optimum handling in a variety of conditions. Increased suspension travel Extra travel from the upgraded leading-axle front fork means even better control and comfort over the toughest terrain. Comfortable seat height The Pro-Link®, single-shock rear suspension with box-section swingarm also provides extra travel for 2019, yet seat height measures a confidence-inspiring 739 mm (29.1 in.) Improved braking New wave-style front brake disc dissipates heat better, while also adding to the CRF-R-inspired styling. Brakes are powerful yet easy to modulate, making them ideal for riders of all skill levels. Remarkable grip & longevity Knobby tires fitted to 17-inch front and 14-inch rear rims provide excellent grip and long life. Cool look CRF-R-inspired bodywork looks great, and is built tough for years of riding fun. New durable fuel tank Plastic-injected fuel tank with integrated fuel pump adds to the CRF125F’s legendary durability and ease of use. Spill protection New easy-close gas cap with latch eliminates the risk of the cap loosening while riding. Generous ground clearance Lots of ground clearance lets you tackle rugged terrain with confidence. High-quality controls High-quality controls include comfortable grips and levers. Extra protection Fork boots help protect stanchion tubes and fork seals. Long-life sprockets Durable steel sprockets are built for the long run. D30702 Stock ho CRF CRF125 125 125f dirtbike klx klx140 small