KTM 150 SX 2019 $7,699.00 CAD

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$7,699.00 CAD
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Fun 'n' Fast Deal: SAVE $1,500 - Sale Price: $7,699 - Reg. Price: $9,199! 2019 KTM 150 SX WIDE OPEN TRACK ATTACK With the agility of a 125 and a healthy dose of extra power, the KTM 150 SX is a lively package ready to take on the 250 cc 4-strokes. From within its completely reworked new chassis, the compact, lightweight engine produces class-leading torque and power. Everything about this motorcycle screams high-performance fun and it goes into battle as the ultimate on-track competitor. Features may include: ENGINE & EXHAUST KTM 2-strokes have been tearing up MX tracks for decades and are undoubtedly the fastest on the track today. Thanks to constant, unwavering progression, these engines set the benchmark in performance and technology, with the perfect combination of power, weight and control. Through melodic high-RPM screams, KTM 2-strokes continue to deliver thrilling high-performance harmonics. CHASSIS The KTM 150 SX is just made to be ridden aggressively, resulting in the development of a new chassis that is light and responsive enough to further enhance its dynamic reputation. For 2019, the KTM 150 SX features a new lightweight, high-tech steel frame that not only responds well to aggressive inputs, but has also been optimized to provide exceptional feedback to the rider. The new flex characteristics soak up those unwanted hits while also delivering excellent agility and high-speed stability. As a whole, this new chassis gives the rider the confidence to be 100% in charge of the ride. ERGONOMICS & COMFORT When it comes to attacking the track, chasing faster times with every lap, there is no better weapon than the KTM 150 SX. Its performance-inspired design allows the rider to shift his weight quickly and easily, working in perfect harmony with the motorcycle. KTM has focused extensively on creating bodywork and ergonomics that are shaped for high-level performance, ensuring a riding position that offers the best riding position for control. A rider's main interaction with the bike is through the bodywork, footpegs, handlebars. No compromises were made in these important areas and only the best quality products and designs can be seen on all SX models. KTM produces dynamically fast motorcycles and every effort goes into making sure the rider has the ability to confidently control it. BODYWORK & GRAPHICS Those who ride a KTM 150 SX thrive on the extra power it delivers, while still having the dynamic agility and feel that a 125 cc offers. These riders are always pushing themselves and their machines to the limit and need the freedom of movement to position the bike where they want it on the track. With input from KTM factory riders, KTM R&D as well as Kiska Design, the bodywork on the entire SX range achieves perfect harmony between rider and bike, providing the manoeuvrability the rider expects and the control he needs. The bodywork also contains intelligent design elements, like the I-beam structure on the front and rear fe