Honda CRF450R 2020 $10,749.00 CAD

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$10,749.00 CAD
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Just arrived! Hondas incredible CRF450R just keeps getting better and better. And if youre looking to dominate the 450 class, this is the bike you want. A whole selection of updates this year make the bike look and handle even better. All-new Honda Selectable Torque Control with three levels of intervention. HSTC monitors rpm spikes and responds by temporarily reducing torque to aid rear traction. A handlebar-mounted switch allows selection between three modes, depending on conditions and rider preference. Revised mapping for riding modes in Standard, Smooth and Aggressive options, selectable via a separate handlebar-mounted switch, enables simple tuning depending on rider preference or course conditions. Revised internal fork and shock settings for improved chassis balance and overall handling. Battery position lowered by 28mm moves center of gravity downward to further improve chassis balance and handling. New rear brake-pad material for improved performance and increased durability. 2020 Honda® CRF450R Follow no one but yourself Features may include: ENGINEERING New for 2020 Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC): The 2020 CRF450R now features Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), designed to improve the stability and traction while maintaining throttle position. With 3 settings to chose from you can have your bike dialed, no matter how much traction there is. Total Air Management By lowering the battery box position by 28 mm, not only has it lowered the centre of gravity but also allowed for a 9% increase in the size of the air filter. This allows for more responsive handling overall and improved airflow from intake to exhaust. Improved Stability The CRF450R features the Honda Selectable Torque Control that is designed to improve stability and traction while maintaining throttle position. Just another feature that makes your ride smoother and more controlled. Total Air Management By lowering the battery box position by 28.5 mm, the air filter size has been increased by 9% for improved air flow and total air management, efficiently managing the air flow through the intake, the head, and out the exhaust. HRC Launch Control We’re talking about a special ECU program here: push the button to select the mode, hold the throttle open, release the clutch, and the CRF450R will do the rest, launching you into the first turn with a big advantage. It turns your bike into a holeshot-seeking machine! PERFORMANCE 450 cc Unicam Engine Honda’s Unicam cylinder heads combine the best of single and double-overhead-cam designs. The configuration contributes to a compact engine that saves weight over a comparable dual-overhead-camshaft motor and also permits a narrow included valve angle. This flattens the combustion chamber to facilitate ignition flame propagation, allowing a high compression ratio. Since less space is taken up in the cylinder head, the camshaft sits lower in the head for a more compact engine and a lower center of gravity. Downdraft Fuel Inject