Ural CT 2 Wheel Drive 2015 $15,500.00 CAD

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$15,500.00 CAD


Meet Earl. Earl the Ural. Earl is a 2015 Ural CT 2-wheel drive beauty who is smartly equipped with high-visibility LED trail lights, windscreens, rain tarp for the sidecar, padded arm rests, jerry can with spout, a crackin’ tool kit with tire levers and pump, a universal spare tire and a ton of cargo space inside and out.

Don’t let Earl’s handsome looks deceive you. Earl is trail-ready and is a veritable tank when the on-demand two-wheel drive is engaged! To see what Earl’s family can do, check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUZOzT4F0DI and be amazed! That said, Earl has not been taken off the tame asphalt roads of Southern Ontario. Earl has, however, is not one to hibernate and has been our 12-month rider through the heat of summer, the rains of spring and autumn, and the winter’s driving snow… that’s when Earl gets all ‘animal’.

Earl’s toughness is legendary. It is a well-known fact that if the apocalypse befell us, only cockroaches and Urals would be left. That said, Earl has safely delivered us wearing our formal best in style. In fact, Earl’s rugged handsomeness can be a draw back as the UDF—the Ural Delay Factor—will have you answering questions about all things Ural. 

So, you are asking yourself, “why would you be giving up this excellent specimen of Siberian technology?” Well, the answer is painfully simple. Earl shares his digs with other worthy steeds with another enroute. There are only so many motorcycles a human can ride at once so we are sadly making the herd a bit smaller. 

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me. No ‘sight unseen’ sales or PayPal sales. You come and meet Earl, you like Earl, and we make a deal. That said, no crazy low-balls… the price is the price for a reason.

If you’d like to add Earl to your flock, pride, herd, or family, I would be great to hear from you.

Oh, and Earl says ‘hi’ and is looking forward to meeting you.