Victory High Ball 2015

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Very nice condition we have been looking for one of these for a while. Great windshield for highway use. we finance used. could be as low as 250 monthly oac. fill in a secure credit app to find out at 2012 Victory Motorcycles® High-Ball™ INNOVATION BUILT INTO OLD SCHOOL DESIGN. EVEN THE PRICING IS THROWBACK. Features 106 CUBIC-INCH FREEDOM V-TWIN Whether you’re finding your way across town or cruising the city’s glass canyons, the Freedom V-Twin power plant delivers 113 ft lbs of green-light torque with ultimate authority. The heart of every Victory Cruiser machine, it informs the world of your arrival with every crack of the throttle. 6-SPEED OVERDRIVE TRANSMISSION The best performing transmission on the street collects the power generated by the massive V-twin and allows the Vegas High-Ball to roll fluidly between the curbs. Helical-cut gears ensure that each shift will be as smooth and clean as the bike itself. 113 FT LBS TORQUE Press the starter and you can feel deep in your chest an eruption of low-end torque. With each precision-tuned piston stroke, the Freedom V-Twin’s 4-valve overhead cams and perfectly matched 6-speed overdrive transmission promise to provide unmatched throttle response, acceleration and passing power. 97 HORSEPOWER While its style says vintage, the Victory High-Ball makes modern motorcycle history when it comes to the horsepower department. The whopping ninety-seven horsepower generated by this machine would have made riders back in the day cry for mommy. APE-HANGER HANDLEBARS Make a statement with two fists in the air. These blacked-out apes are what give the High-Ball its signature profile. Feel a little less simian? Pull ‘em down low for a more relaxed, but no less intimidating riding position. 16-INCH LACED WHEELS Old-school lace design with white sidewalls. A pure throwback to a classic style that set the stage and informed the world what riding was all about. It still does. Throw a leg over the Victory High-Ball. Wherever you want to go from here, these wheels will take you SHORT FRONT FENDER Less is indeed more. This shorty front fender offers protection from whatever the road throws your way, yet keeps things simple and essential – true to spirit of the bobber style.

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