Yamaha Road Star Silverado 2000 $3,999.00 CAD

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$3,999.00 CAD
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FINANCING IS AVAILABLE!! If you believe there’s more to life than work, and the real definition of freedom 55 is riding your bike without a care at 55 mph, then the heart of a cruiser beats within you. If you believe that chrome and leather are the basic building blocks of life, and that the only real artery is made of asphalt then jump on a Yamaha and experience the pleasure of cruising the endless black ribbon. Yamaha cruisers … customize your free time. Motorcycling’s Largest Displacement V-Twin Cruiser The 98-cubic-inch, pushrod, air-cooled, belt-driven, V-twin Road Star rumbles into the new millennium with a special-edition model, the Road Star MM Limited. The Road Star, Road Star Silverado and Road Star MM Limited cruise into the new century with the style and performance expected of Yamaha’s cruiser line. The heart of the Road Star is still its 98-cubic-inch, 48-degree, air-cooled, pushrod V-twin engine that delivers a combination of subtle performance and character. Designed to maximize the riding experience with all the nostalgia of motorcycling’s earliest roots. The Road Star’s engine is designed to run at low rpm while cruising, providing a distinctive pulsing feel while pumping out excellent torque. This is achieved with a long stroke (113mm) engine configuration, immense crankshaft and pushrod valve actuation. The Road Star also has the lowest engine height of any large V-twin cruiser, further enhancing its long, low style and riding attitude. Other engine features include forged lightweight pistons, ceramic-composite cylinder liners for improved cooling and durability, auto decompression for easy starting, semi-dry sump oil system, and a single 40mm Mikuni carburetor with throttle position sensor (TPS) and accelerator pump for strong throttle response. The cruiser riding experience would be nothing without two key elements: the ability to customize and, above all, style. Yamaha’s belt-drive system and deeply valanced steel fenders make for easy customization, while still providing the timeless feel of yesteryear. And should one want to add aftermarket pipes, the Road Star’s dual-exhaust system makes it easy to swap out the stock units. Then, of course, there’s the Silverado, Yamaha’s casual touring version of the Road Star, which features leather saddlebags, studded seats and backrest, slightly wider and more comfortable handlebars, an adjustable windshield and classic whitewall tires. Classic looks and feel notwithstanding, the Road Star is nonetheless a modern-day, high-tech machine. For instance, the instrument panel, encased in a retro-style housing, includes twin trip meters, clock, fuel meter, low fuel light, high beam, turn and neutral indicators. There’s also a self-diagnosis system for the TPS, speed sensor and fuel sender. Yamaha also offers more than 160 attractive Star Line accessories, including leather saddlebags, seats, billet chrome add-ons and several Road Star-spec windshield sizes specially designed to fit the Roa
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