Honda CB500F 2018 $6,599.00 CAD

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$6,599.00 CAD
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Save $1000! 2018 Honda® CB500F Take the road less traveled Features may include: Engine & Drivetrain Low-end torque & top-end performance The DOHC liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine uses a square bore & stroke of 67 mm x 66.8 mm for an optimum combination of strong low-end torque and horsepower and excellent top-end performance. Powerfully engineered The 67 mm bore size is the same as used on the CBR600RR. Compact engine, minimal vibration Engine vibration is kept to a minimum by using crank pins phased at 180 degrees and a balancer shaft behind the cylinders, which also contributes to the engine’s compact size. Crisp throttle response PGM-FI electronic fuel injection keeps the engine running efficiently in all conditions and ensures crisp throttle response. Runs smoothly at high output levels Careful flow analysis of the cooling system resulted in a water pump that’s small and lightweight, yet still more than capable of keeping the engine running its best at high output levels. Maximized air-intake In order to maximize air-intake and exhaust efficiency, the profile from the air cleaner through the intake ports to the exhaust pipe was made as straight as possible. Excellent efficiency The four valves in each of the DOHC cylinder heads have narrow stems, thereby reducing weight and friction and increasing efficiency. Reduced friction A light and compact roller-rocker-arm assembly and shim-type valve adjustment allows a lower valve-spring load for reduced friction and a compact cylinder head. The oil pump’s internal relief structure uses the same design as found in the CBR1000RR, which reduces friction, improves aeration performance and simplifies the shape of the oil pan. Smooth shifting The design of the shifting mechanism in the six-speed gearbox results in smooth, precise shifting. The sound of power The internal structure of the CB500F's muffler helps produce an authoritative exhaust note and improves the bike’s mass centralization. Improved durability The pins in the silent cam chain have been treated with vanadium, which both reduces friction and improves durability. Lightweight pistons use an advanced manufacturing process for enhanced durability and performance. Chassis & Suspension Designed for rider feedback The lightweight diamond-shaped steel frame was designed to allow a certain degree of yield, which enables it to better respond to changes in the road surface and to transmit just the right amount of feedback to the rider. Comfortable & sporty ride The Pro-Link® rear suspension with preload-adjustable shock and the conventional 41 mm telescopic fork are calibrated for a comfortable but sporty ride. Adjustable fork The front fork offers spring-preload adjustment so you can tailor the ride just the way you want it. Good rider balance at stops The rear section of the frame was designed to facilitate a seat height of 785 mm, which allows most riders to easily plant their feet on the ground when stopped. Lightweight whe
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