Yamaha YZF-R3 Two-Tone 2015 $4,999.00 CAD

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$4,999.00 CAD
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2015 Yamaha YZF-R3 Two-Tone CONQUER ROAD Yamaha has raised the bar in the entry sports class with the exciting new "R3". Sporting a new twin cylinder 320 cc engine and an all new chassis, the R3 offers a solid combination of class-leading power and light, agile handling. Add in the incredible MotoGP inspired M1 race bike styling, plus an easy to ride personality and you have the perfect recipe for a super fun riding experience ! Features May Include All new, lightweight and compact 320cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8-valves (4-valves/cyl), fuel injected, inline-twin cylinder engine. The engine has been designed to provide solid performance right across the rev range, with very linear throttle response, low vibration and excellent fuel economy. This engine is designed to maximize riding fun in the real world. Downdraft style combustion chamber features 4-valves per cylinder, a straight intake path into the combustion chamber and an 11.2:1 compression ratio for excellent power output. Four valves per cylinder enhances the low to midrange torque. Intake valves are 26 mm in diameter and exhaust valves are 22.5 mm. The valve angle is set at 24.75 degrees (intake = 12 degrees & exhaust = 12.75 degrees) to keep the combustion chamber compact. The valves feature an Isonite surface treatment on the stems for improved durability and wear resistance. They also feature carbon cutters on the stems to help reduce carbon build-up when the unit is being used for prolonged slow speed operation to maintain strong engine output. Valve adjustment interval is every 24,000 kms. Oil change interval is 5,000 kms after the initial 1,000 km break-in oil change Automatic cam chain tensioner reduces mechanical engine noise and maintenance. All new, lightweight, diamond-type, high tensile, semi-trellis steel frame provides an optimized rigidity balance for light, agile handling with excellent stability. The engine is a stressed member of the chassis, allowing a lighter, more compact main frame design. The frame features a mix of both solid and rubber engine mounts. Electrostatic paint process helps reduce corrosion. The riding position is one of the most important features of the R3. Although the R3 features a super sport appearance, it offers a balance between sporty handling and excellent rider comfort thanks to its upright riding position. Key chassis geometry figures include: 1380 mm (54.3") wheelbase, 25 degrees of rake and 95 mm of trail. The front to rear weight distribution is almost 50 /50, highlighting the sporty nature of the R3. The chassis dimensions and shape have been designed to centralize mass and lower the centre of gravity to provide the rider with light, agile handling. Helmet holder Excessive lean angle sensor. If the unit is on its side the engine will shut down to prevent serious engine damage Stylish clear turn signal lenses Lockable steering Folding mirrors Stylish rear fender extension helps reduce splash in wet conditions 16 bit ECU Lightweight, low-