Honda CBR 600RRA 2012 $7,299.00 CAD

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$7,299.00 CAD
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This bike is in like-new condition. We don't use those words lightly. The paint is absolutely immaculate.Full Akropovic exhaust system, rear seat cover. 2012 Honda® CBR® 600RRA You want a bike with a racing pedigree for occasional track days, but it’s got to be comfortable and practical for everyday street riding, too. That’s a hard bill to fill, but there’s one bike that has gained a hard-earned reputation for both race-track prowess and real-world usability: the remarkable Honda CBR®600RRA. On the track, the CBR®600RRA is quite capable of lap records and race wins. But unlike other supersport 600s, its seating position and overall ergonomics don’t force you into a racing crouch when you’re just commuting downtown or cruising along the highway. The CBR®600RRA’s compact and lightweight 599 cc fuel-injected DOHC inline-four engine readily spins up to 15,000 rpm, but what is most impressive is the level of torque available in the crucial 8,000-12,000 rpm range. And the chassis is just as impressive, equipped with such high-tech features as Honda’s innovative Electronically Controlled Combined ABS — the first Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) designed specifically for the unique demands of sportbikes.