Honda CRF450RX 2018 $8,999.00 CAD

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$8,999.00 CAD
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2018 Honda® CRF®450RX Follow no one but yourself Features may include: Engine & Drivetrain Power to victory The Unicam engine that powers both the CRF®450RX and CRF®450R has been radically improved for 2017, with more horsepower, more torque, and a higher rev limit. The RX’s engine has special ignition mapping to suit the unique demands of cross-country and endurocross competition. New cylinder head Completely new Unicam cylinder head design uses finger rocker arms, oval cross-section valve springs, bigger intake valves, and increased valve lift to boost horsepower and allow a higher rev limit. Improved combustion efficiency By straightening the intake path, reducing valve angle, and revising both combustion chamber and piston shape, engineers were able to improve flow and increase compression ratio for an even bigger power boost Better lubrication A new scavenge pump system with no separate oil tank improves engine lubrication, reduces friction, and requires less oil for reduced overall engine weight. Programmed for power The CRF®450RX’s Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) settings contribute to the engine’s strong low-end torque, remarkable top-end power and generous over-rev capability. Engine Mode Select button The CRF®450RX’s Engine Mode Select (EMS) system lets you modify fuel-injection and ignition mapping with the simple push of a handlebar-mounted button. Choose between Standard, Smooth and Aggressive to dial in the best power curve for better starts, better drive out of corners, better traction, or simply to better suit your riding style. Mode selection is easily accomplished without changing your hand position or shutting down the engine (as long as the engine is idling). Chassis Light, responsive frame The CRF450RX’s twin-spar aluminum frame is shared with the CRF450R. It’s light, and its torsional stiffness has been reduced to give you more feedback and to improve turn-in and corner-exit performance, without giving up high-speed stability. Precise handling The CRF450R-spec chassis, with revised swingarm location and centralized rear shock, boasts a lower overall centre of gravity and a shorter wheelbase that contribute to the type of precise handling that carries you to the front and keeps you there. Latest Showa fork Easy to tune to match changing track conditions or your riding style, the CRF450RX’s new Showa coil-spring fork was developed to work in conjunction with the improved chassis for enhanced traction, agility and stability. Settings for both the fork and the shock are unique to the CRF450RX. Keeping cool The front fender and tank shrouds are designed to optimize airflow to the radiators, keeping the engine running at peak efficacy from start to checkered flag.