Yamaha VMX17 (VMAX) 2009 $17,898.00 CAD

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$17,898.00 CAD
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This bike only has 16,342 miles OR ONLY 26,299 km's! In '85 the original V-Max turned the motorcycle world on its ear. Yamaha's engineers took a big dose of the original "Mad Max" DNA then added a bunch of Yamaha's latest sport bike technologies like their chip controlled variable intake stacks, high tech fuel injection system and their famous fly by wire throttle. The result is stunning. The legendary sound, engine character and amazing acceleration are all part of the 2009 design but there is a twist. This VMAX offers truly sporty handling, thanks to its new lightweight aluminum chassis and fully adjustable suspension. They even improved rider comfort. Scorched any pavement lately? ENGINE All-new liquid-cooled, 1,679 cc, DOHC, 16-valve, 65-dgree, V-4 engine has no equal in its class. This new engine is more compact front to back allowing the engineers to place the engine in the "sweet spot" of the frame. DOHC 4-valve "pent roof" cylinder head design provides optimum breathing efficiency for incredible engine performance. Valve actuation is via under bucket shims. Compression ratio is 11.3:1. Steel valves are used for excellent durability. Intake valves are 34mm in diameter with a 14-degree valve angle while exhaust valves are 30 mm with a 15-degree valve angle. New "combination" chain and gear camshaft drive system is utilized. With this system, only the intake cams are driven by a chain (attached to the crank), the exhaust cams are driven by a gear drive off the intake cams. This design allows for more compact cylinder heads since the distance or "pitch" between the camshafts can be reduced. Newly designed high-performance camshafts provide incredible engine performance. Centrifugal decompression device on the exhaust cam means fast, easy starting. Automatic hydraulic cam chain tensioners reduce engine mechanical noise. Lightweight, forged, aluminium short skirt pistons help provide fast throttle response, reduced vibration and provide excellent durability. Connecting rods are carburized and use a nutless design. The lower end "cap" of the rod is made from the same piece of material as the upper portion; this design is known as "fracture splitting". This design aids in establishing true big end roundness, greater precision in con rod dimensions and are extremely durable. New design 180-degree crankshaft is utilized. Gear-driven engine counter balancer shaft is used to reduce vibration and maximize rider comfort. The balance ratio is 50 percent to allow some pulse feel. Since the crank design is 180 degrees, there is also some inherent natural balancing effect as well. Twin radiator design features a curved upper rad and lower flat rad for maximum cooling efficiency. Each rad has its own cooling fan. An oil-to-coolant heat exchanger type oil cooler maintains stable lubricant temperatures for increased performance and extended engine life. Wet sump oil lubrication system is used and features a spin-on cartridge-type oil filter. Mikuni fuel injec