Yamaha Road Star S 2008 $6,998.00 CAD

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$6,998.00 CAD
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This bike only has 36,231 miles OR ONLY 58,308 km's!!! Though it's only available in a new striking dark gray lacquer - this Star is sure to light up the road with its radiant good looks and brilliant chrome. Gleaming chrome, a retro seat and loads of torquey muscle will have you itching to ride. Swing a leg over, fire up the massive fuel injected V-twin engine, and then settle in for a nice long ride. Engine: 1,670 cc, air-cooled, long-stroke, OHV, eight-valve, 48° V-twin powerplant pumps out lots of low-rpm torque for unparalleled acceleration and cruising performance. Four valves per cylinder provide optimum breathing efficiency while two spark plugs per cylinder ensure complete combustion for maximum power output. Hydraulic valve lifters driven by twin crankcase-mounted camshafts deliver exceptional performance and reduce maintenance needs. Traditional pushrod valve actuation keeps overall engine height down for a lower centre of gravity. Large-diameter, forged pistons offer great durability and lighter weight for fast response. Ceramic composite-plated cylinders provide uniform heat dissipation, reduce weight, reduce friction and increase cylinder service life. Cooling fin thickness is optimized for maximum heat dissipation, thereby eliminating the need for liquid cooling, maintaining that traditional clean, air-cooled engine appearance. All new electronic fuel injection with TPS. This new system features a single throttle body with dual injectors (one for each cylinder). The throttle position sensor is linked to the ECU and supplies info about throttle opening so the ECU can adjust ignition timing for optimum engine performance at all rpms. High-capacity air intake system with paper type air filter provides maximum breathing for optimum performance. Smooth-shifting, five-speed transmission with 5th gear overdrive delivers outstanding cruising performance and reduced rpms at highway speeds. Clean, quiet belt drive system is extremely low- maintenance and simplifies customization. Special narrow design drive belt and sprockets (front and rear) provide lightweight performance and exceptional durability. Dry sump lubrication system with handy spin-on oil filter, creates a lower centre of gravity by helping reduce overall engine height. Large-flywheel crankshaft delivers superior, low-rpm torque and that incredible V-twin "pulse" feel. Two-piece heel-and-toe shifter adds versatility and enhances the overall cruising experience. Two-piece design allows the rider to individually adjust front and rear portions to suit foot size or remove the rear section if not desired. Electric starting system features solenoid-activated auto-decompressor for easy, no-hassle starting. Revised 2-into-2 exhaust system features beefy, staggered, dual shotgun pipes that produce a soulful V-twin exhaust tune. Muffler replacement is fast and simple, if desired. All new additional ECU (electronic control unit) to control the fuel injection process. New AC magneto produce
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