Kawasaki Vulcan® 900 Classic LT 2007 $4,999.00 CAD

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$4,999.00 CAD
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KAWASAKI’S VULCAN® 900 CLASSIC LT OFFERS LUXURY CRUISING FEATURES IN AN AFFORDABLE MID-SIZE PACKAGE. Fully-loaded cruiser is ready for open road adventures. The Kawasaki Vulcan® 900 Classic LT motorcycle takes the class-leading attributes of its Vulcan 900 Classic sibling and ups the ante with additional custom touring features and enhanced style. Kawasaki accessorizes the Vulcan 900 LT with saddlebags, a special seat, passenger backrest and an adjustable windshield. The only add-on that doesn’t show-up on the showroom hang-tag is the riding enjoyment that this new Vulcan addition will provide its owners. Engine 903 cc V-twin SOHC engine tuned to deliver lots of torque from low rpm Smooth and reliable Gear-driven balancer allows use of single pin crankshaft without heavy vibration Four-Valve Cylinder Head Better breathing for more power and low-end torque Provides maximum valve area for optimum flow Single overhead cam design is simple, lightweight and practical Extremely efficient intake tracts feature ports that narrow near the combustion chamber to increase intake flow speed for more efficient filling and increased torque Long intake tracts for great low-end response Liquid and Air Cooling Finned cylinders and head combine with liquid cooling to provide exception thermal control Maintains consistent engine temperatures for long engine life and sustained power Automatic fan keeps things cool even in traffic Includes temperature warning light Concealed Automatic Cam Chain Tensioner Maintains precise valve timing Maintenance Free Assures greater reliability Hidden from view to preserve the engine’s clean, basic look Rubber-Mounted Engine Eliminates engine vibration at all speeds Dual Slash-Cut Mufflers Big slash-cut mufflers look great and contain honeycomb catalyzers to reduce emissions Positive Neutral Finder Just lift the shift pedal from first gear at a stop to find neutral easy, every time Electronic Fuel Injection Dual throttle bodies with sub throttles provide optimum performance and rideability The sub throttles, located behind the main throttle valve, are controlled by the ECU so that the DFI system retains more precise throttle response, similar to a constant velocity carburetor Fine-atomizing fuel injectors produce a fine fuel mist for better acceleration and fuel consumption This mid-size entry from Kawasaki not only delivers the same excellent riding characteristics as the Vulcan 900 Classic –featuring a category-leading 903 cc engine displacement combined with "big-bike" look and feel– but does it with eye-catching features for riders that think touring represents the ultimate get-away. The stylish saddlebags are made of reinforced top grain cowhide that has been carefully selected to minimize leather flaws and deep-dyed so the finish can’t be scraped off. These perfectly sized bags provide a slant-top opening, fastened with two 1.5-inch wide leather straps that feature chrome buckles and quick release stealth fasteners. Rounding ou