Honda CTX®700T 2016 $6,999.00 CAD

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$6,999.00 CAD
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+ Frt/pdi $695 + Admin $295 . New CTX700T . Upright riding and downright comfort D30702 Stock ho Frt/pdi $695 + doc $295 Cox ctx700 ctx ctx700t Vulcan 650 700 cruiser Engine & Drivetrain Handles like a smaller bike Unique engine architecture, with parallel cylinders canted forward by 62 degrees, offers a remarkably low centre-of-gravity, making the CTX feel smaller, lighter and easier to handle than its size would suggest. Distinctive sound & feel Engineers went to great lengths to ensure the engine had a distinctive sound and feel. The 270-degree firing order, uni-axial primary counterbalance shaft and subtle combustion control measures combine to create a satisfying throb unlike anything you’ve felt before. Large capacity smooth handling The low-rpm, high-torque engine is eerily smooth and produces the kind of effortless power you can use to carry that special someone, and luggage for two, across town or across the country. Ride longer on less fuel Concern over fuel costs won't cut into your relaxation on longer trips. Extensive use of friction-reduction technology, advanced combustion control focused around a sophisticated fuel injection system and an overdrive six-speed transmission mean the CTX delivers exceptional, class leading fuel economy. Excels at low emissions Placing the catalytic converter just downstream of the exhaust ports, where exhaust gas temperatures are highest, maximizes emission control efficiency. In fact, its emission output surpasses all Canadian standards by a wide margin. Chassis & Suspension Solid construction & great handling A rigid, diamond-shaped steel frame ensures both rock solid stability on high-speed highways and responsive handling when the road turns twisty. Long-distance comfort & confidence Suspension design further adds to the CTX’s long distance credentials. An advanced, single-shock, Pro-link rear suspension system provides superior comfort and control through increased, progressive travel. Up front, a stout 41mm front fork, mounted with sporting geometry, provides excellent feedback, enhancing confidence. If your idea of escape is chasing the sun into the next time zone, you’ll find the CTX700T a willing partner. Hugs the road Wide, 17 in. cast aluminum wheels at each end, shod with sporting radials, inspire confidence and will have you seeking out the more interesting roads. Anti-lock brake system Powerful front and rear disc brakes feature Honda’s advanced ABS system, offering levels of performance, safety and peace of mind in all weather conditions