Yamaha FZ-07 ABS 2017 $7,999.00 CAD

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$7,999.00 CAD
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FZ-07 ABS The FZ-07 is a motorcycle that brings fun, affordability and riding enjoyment back to the street. This versatile naked roadster offers deep engine torque and a comfortable riding position in a lightweight, easy to handle sports chassis. It's the perfect machine for both new and experienced riders alike who are looking for outstanding value. Key Improvements For 2017 ABS equipped brakes Engine Slim, compact, 689 cc, DOHC, 4-valve, liquid-cooled, 20 degree inclined, inline twin cylinder engine The engine has been tuned to provide plenty of low and mid-range torque with very linear throttle response. This engine is not about big specification numbers; it produces 75 hp and 50 ft. lbs. of torque and is designed to maximize riding fun in the real world 4-valve, downdraft style combustion chamber with 11.5:1 compression ratio Excellent torque output... especially in the low to mid rpm range 4-valve design maximizes flow into and out of combustion chamber 31.5 mm intake and 26.5 mm exhaust valves Stainless steel valves feature an Isonite surface treatment and carburized tips for excellent durability and wear resistance Valve adjustment intervals are every 42,000 kms Lightweight hollow camshafts Cam profiles are designed to accentuate low to mid-range torque and power in the most commonly used rpm range (3,000 to 6,500 rpm) Excellent "ride-ability" "Crossplane Concept" 270 degree crankshaft with an "uneven" firing order Design reduces inertia torque while emphasizing linear torque Design has been optimized to achieve strong torque over a broad rpm range CP Concept offers "ride ability that allows the rider to control the machine at will" Engine design allows a whole new level of "rider - machine communication" Lightweight gear driven "coupling force balancer" reduces engine vibration for excellent comfort "Fracture split" connecting rods feature a "nut less" design Lower end "cap" of the rod is made from the same piece of material as the upper portion; the 2 pieces are "split" apart using a special fracturing process and then machined Design aids in establishing true big end roundness and greater precision in con rod dimensions for excellent durability despite the high horsepower loads Lightweight, forged, aluminum short skirt pistons Design aids in fast engine response Reduces mechanical vibration Excellent durability Direct ceramic composite plated cylinder uses "liner less" bores Ceramic coating sprayed directly on the aluminum block, eliminating the liner and reducing weight Excellent heat dissipation for consistent power delivery Coating enhances the thin film of oil between the cylinder and piston, reducing friction and increasing power Offset cylinder design Cylinder is "offset" relative to the crank (toward exhaust side) Reduces frictional losses between the pistons and cylinder wall during the power stroke for improved power output and excellent fuel economy One-piece cylinder and upper crankcase assembly Superior engine and chassis ri