Yamaha YZ85 (2-Stroke) 2017 $5,099.00 CAD

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$5,099.00 CAD
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YZ85 The YZ85 is ready to race right out of the crate with features like a super potent 85 cc, crankcase reed-valve two-stroke power plant, a rigid single backbone frame and adjustable suspension. Join the "bLU cRU" and get ready to fill your trophy case. Key Features Potent, easy to service, crankcase reed inducted, 2-stroke power plant Smooth shifting, 6-speed close ratio transmission Compact, semi-double cradle, single back bone, steel frame Race-ready, fully adjustable suspension. Front & rear disc brakes Aggressive, modern styling Engine Lightweight, compact, 85 cc, liquid-cooled, crankcase reed-valve inducted, 2-stroke single. Crankcase reed valve induction & 28 mm Keihin flat-slide carburetor. Crisp, seamless throttle response across the powerband Lightweight, forged piston. Less reciprocating mass & less friction for a faster revving engine Excellent durability CD ignition system. Provides a hot, precise spark for fast sure starts Provides optimal timing for quicker, stronger response at all rpms Maintenance-free Smooth-shifting, 6-speed transmission. Involute design increases the surface area contact between the gears Special involute splines on main and drive shafts provide maximum engagement / hook-up for each gear for smoother, more positive shifts Gear ratios are well matched to engine output Heavy-duty, multi-plate clutch. Smooth positive shifting Quick remove, clutch sub-cover. Fast, easy clutch access Lightweight radiator with high capacity cores & special louvers to direct the air through the rad. Maximum cooling efficiency Large capacity airbox with washable, dual-stage, foam filter. Excellent filtering qualities Reduced tune-up expenses... Foam filter can be washed & re-used Lightweight exhaust system. Specially designed expansion chamber for a broad powerband with strong low-end punch Aluminium silencer is re-packable to maintain optimum performance & reduced noise levels Chassis / Suspension Rigid, semi-double cradle, single backbone, steel frame. Blend of light weight & good strength Minimal flex for razor-sharp, moto-wining handling Detachable rear subframe. Allows easy access for suspension maintenance Reduces costs in the event of a loop-out (subframe can be purchased separately) Lightweight box-section aluminium swingarm. Provides excellent for excellent rear wheel control & traction Adjustable 36 mm inverted Kayaba fork provides 275 mm (10.8 in.) of wheel travel. Adjusts for compression & rebound damping Adjustments include: 20 clicks of compression damping & 20 clicks of rebound damping Adjustable design allows rider (tuner) to tailor settings to match rider weight, rider style & track conditions YZ125 / 250 based "big bike" valving & low-friction fork seals Smooth, compliant stroke for superior suspension performance & handling Optional fork springs are available through Yamaha Genuine Parts & Accessories