Yamaha YZ250F 2017 $8,799.00 CAD

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$8,799.00 CAD
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YZ250F The fuel injected 2017 YZ250F offers excellent power and amazing cornering performance thanks to exhaustive mass centralization efforts and a compact chassis design. For 2017 the engineers have made a significant number of improvements to both the engine and chassis. The YZ250F has the response and depth of power that the competition can't match! Key Improvements for 2017 New cylinder head with revised intake & exhaust port shapes Revised intake & exhaust camshafts & valve springs Revised intake tract & intake manifold New connecting rod design New crankcase heat treating process Revised 5-speed transmission, shift drum & gear shift lever Revised wrap around exhaust system header pipe Revised ECU Revised frame & engine mounts Revised front fork outer tubes & damping settings Engine The design goals for the fuel injected YZ250F are a balance of easy cornering, lightweight & compact feeling thanks to excellent mass centralization. The fuel injected engine features a wide, controllable power band that sets the standard in the 250 class. Revised, "reversed" liquid-cooled, 250 cc, DOHC, 4-valve (titanium), single with fuel injection. The engine has been tuned for excellent "ride ability & controllability" and delivers a broad, easy to use power band with excellent power characteristics throughout the rev range. 2017 model changes improve power delivery in both low to mid and mid to top end performance. Rearward slanted, reversed cylinder design. Rearward slant moves a significant amount of rotating weight toward the centre of the chassis Rearward slanted cylinder centralizes mass for excellent handling & a light feel "Reversed" engine design (FI system is front mounted, exhaust exits from rear of cylinder). Forward mounted FI provides straight intake path into the cylinder & provides optimum fuel / air filling & flow for excellent power Front mounted intake design keeps fuel cooler since engine heat has less effect on incoming fuel (cooler fuel is more dense & increases power) Design also helps centralize mass for light, agile handling Revised, 4-valve cylinder head features a 13.5:1 compression ratio. Intake port has been raised 4 mm (vs. '16) for improved flow Larger diameter intake valve seats improve flow Improved power delivery across the rev range (low, mid & top) 4-valve design offers optimum flow & excellent power Shorter internal air box funnel & new intake manifold with larger cross section. Improved fuel - air flow for increased power Improved over-rev feeling Reduced horsepower losses in the mid to high rpm (reduced friction as fuel-air "charge" Travels thru the intake tract) Lightweight titanium valves & revised load optimized oval valve springs. Titanium valves reduce reciprocating weight & allow for a higher rpm limit before valve float begins Intake & exhaust valve spring rates have been increased to match the revised cams Titanium valves means a faster-