Honda VFR800F 2014 $8,995.00 CAD

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$8,995.00 CAD
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2014 Honda VFR®800F WAS: $14,499.00 + tax & freight NOW: $9,900.00 + tax & freight Call 506-635-1223 The VFR®800 aficionados border on fanatical. They demand the very best in their machines and are reluctant to settle for anything less. This can make changing the VFR® a risky proposition at best. Operational changes have to improve function while maintaining the delicate balance between performance and comfort that the VFR® is so famous for. Similarly, changes to the styling have to respect the original while providing an elegant, contemporary look. Finally, the VFR® has always been a technological leader, so cutting edge technology is an essential part of the VFR® formula. Oh, and it has to be available in red. VFR® enthusiasts rejoice, the new 2014 VFR®800F has all this and more. The legendary and trademark V4 engine has been retuned for even more, low-end and midrange power, while the VTEC transition has been softened to provide strong linear power throughout the rev range. The twin-spar aluminum chassis features an all-new Pro-Arm single-sided swingarm as well as an all-new 43 mm front fork redesigned to accommodate radial-mount, four-piston brake calipers. Styling has returned to a more traditional VFR® silhouette with a single, low-mounted muffler, replacing the twin under-seat exhausts. Considerably slimmer through the middle, the VFR® is also a full 10 kg lighter than its predecessor, making it significantly easier to manoeuvre. Retaining VTEC, Pro-Arm single-sided swing arm and ABS brakes, the new VFR® adds traction control, LED headlights, sophisticated self-cancelling turn signals and an optional shift assist system to its technological credentials. Final touches include an adjustable seat and standard heated grips. And this time it’s available in red and in white! VFR®800F- the legend renewed Engine Features May Include The 782 cc, liquid-cooled 16-valve DOHC 90° V4 engine with VTEC received significant development – focused on cam timing and valve duration/overlap – to deliver the required increase in low-to midrange power and torque. VTEC valve timing still operates one pair of inlet/exhaust valves per cylinder at low rpm, and then switches to four as revs rise but the transition is now seamless. Combined with the uprated torque, the effect is remarkably linear power delivery and effortless overtaking at highway speeds. PGM-FI fuel injection – with 36mm throttle bodies – has been remapped to suit the engine’s new performance parameters, and improved fuel economy means you can keep going for up to 350 km per tank. Honda’s Traction Control System (TCS) is fitted as standard equipment. It’s operated from the left handlebar and provides additional security in a wide variety of riding conditions and situations. Chassis/Suspension Features May Include The diamond triple-box section aluminum twin-spar frame is mated to a revised die-cast aluminum sub-frame that is 3kg lighter than the previous model. In total, curb weight is reduce