Honda CRF250R 2023 $10,903.00 CAD *

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$10,903.00 CAD *
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Includes $804 Freight PDI and Fees 2023 Honda® CRF250R Features may include: Engine & Drivetrain More torque More torque at low revs means better drive out of corners, the shape of the pistons and connecting rods and valve timing are optimized to timing to help improve combustion consistency and thereby exhaust efficiency at lower revs. The bridged-box design of the piston uses a reinforcing structure between the skirt and the wrist-pin bosses that helps enable a high redline. Big torque down low, huge power up top. A winning formula. Downdraft intake and exhaust The combination of 79 mm bore and short 50.9 mm stroke produces a high-revving engine with plenty of room for large titanium valves. The engine breathes and revs — the keys to making power. As well, the DOHC cylinder-head design let our engineers straighten out the intake and exhaust tracts to improve power and response. The intake is shorter and just about arrow straight, and the exhaust flows more efficiently too. You’ll experience more power and better throttle response. HRC Launch Control HRC Launch Control: push the button to select the mode, hold the throttle open, release the clutch, and the bike will do the rest, launching you into the first turn with a big advantage. Suspension & Handling Short swingarm The short swingarm helps make it light, and also gives the bike better rear-wheel traction — important considering how much power is on tap. The swingarm’s design focuses on improved stability and handling, while still reducing the bike’s unsprung mass. Dunlop® MX3S tires Developed using the latest Dunlop® “block-on-block” design technology, the CRF250R’s MX3S tires give excellent feedback and are a perfect complement to the bike’s improved frame and suspension. 260 mm front brake The large front-brake disc measures a whopping 260 mm, giving you superior stopping power while also being easy to modulate. Additional Electric start Convenient and lightweight, the electric starter is a huge advantage if you need to restart the engine in the heat of battle. Like the rest of the bike, the lithium-ion battery is both super light and high performing, weighing less than half that of a conventional lead-acid battery. Titanium fuel tank Every gram counts on a bike in the 250 class, which is why the CRF250R has a titanium fuel tank. Light and strong, it’s also thinner than our previous plastic tank, freeing up more space and helping to centralize fuel mass. Flat seat/tank junction The CRF250R’s flat seat/tank junction makes it easier to move forward and backward on the bike, increasing your control.
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