Yamaha YZ450F 2021 $9,589.00 CAD *

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$9,589.00 CAD *
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The YZ450F features stylish bodywork from tip to tail, including a compact fuel tank specifically designed for motocross demands. The lower, forward-positioned. 2021 Yamaha YZ450F HIGHLIGHTS CRAFTED FOR YOUR NEXT OFF-ROAD ADVENTURE Combining class-leading performance and suspension with the smartphone Power Tuner app, the YZ450F is the bike of choice for race winners. Ride like a factory racer with the new Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition. POWER Inside the ultra-compact, rearward-slanted engine, a high-compression cylinder head, forged piston, aggressive cam profiles and much more work together to give YZ450F riders the best balance of open-class power with controllability. CHASSIS The aluminum frame features flex characteristics that give riders the ultimate combination of precise cornering performance, traction and bump stability. By tuning the rigidity balance of the chassis with changes to the lateral beams, engine cradle tube thickness, engine mounts, top triple clamp and front axle, the 2021 YZ450F takes rider confidence to new levels. POWER TUNER APP The groundbreaking Power Tuner app makes it easy to modify fuel mapping directly from your Smartphone based on riding conditions. You can also record race log information, monitor a range of data and share settings with teammates or friends. Easy to operate and free to download, the Power Tuner app uses onboard Wi-Fi to communicate with the bike's CCU, allowing you to tune like never before. Features may include: ENGINE More Compact Rearward-Slanted Cylinder Yamaha Power Tuner App Adjustable Fuel Mapping CHASSIS Bilateral Beam Aluminum Frame Compact Body and Seat Design Revised Class-Leading Suspension ADDITIONAL Monster Energy® Yamaha Racing Edition Triple Clamp with Adjustable Handlebar Mounts Embedded Graphics
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