Honda Gold Wing® Airbag 2009 $13,499.00 CAD *

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$13,499.00 CAD *
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Pack up, hop on, and head out for somewhere youve never been before. The Honda GL1800 Gold Wing will make getting there way more than half the fun. The worlds most luxurious touring motorcycle comes with an amazing list of premium features, including an industry-first airbag on the GL1800AD model that adds an extra measure of safety in the event of a frontal impact. Both the GL1800AL and GL1800AD also boast linked Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), a GPS navigation system, heated seats and handgrips, a premium audio system, ultra-low emissions, and, of course, the silky smooth power of a horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine. Standard on all Gold Wing® models. – State-of-the-Art Premium Audio System – 80-watt-per-channel power amplifier provides clear, crisp sound at all highway speeds. – Six-element speaker system includes two rear speakers, a pair of front speakers and two tweeters for a rich, full sound quality. – Tuner features auto bass control combined with auto volume control. – Airbag – Industry-first fully integrated rider airbag on a motorcycle. – The airbag module contains the airbag and inflator and is positioned in front of the rider. – The airbag Electronic Control Unit (ECU), positioned to the right of the module, analyzes signals from the crash sensors to determine hether or not to inflate the airbag. – Four crash sensors attached two per side on the front fork detect changes in acceleration caused by frontal impacts. – From the moment an impact is recognized as a collision, only 0.015 seconds elapses until the airbag inflation is activated. Airbag available only on full-featured version.
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