Honda CRF250F 2022 $5,699.00 CAD *

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$5,699.00 CAD *
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Freight and pre-delivery inspection $895 + documentation from $295 2022 Honda® CRF250F Features may include: RELIABLE FOUR-STROKE ENGINE The CRF250F features a responsive and dependablesingle-cylinder air-cooled four-stroke engine.The 4-valve cylinder head provides a host ofimprovements including plenty of user-friendlypower and torque, higher rev capability, moreefficient combustion, greater peak power, andreduced fuel consumption. FUEL-INJECTION Fuel injection means the CRF250F starts right up,even in cold weather. Compared to a carburetedbike, it not only helps reduce emissions, enhanceperformance and fuel efficiency but also helpsensure a smooth flow of power for easier handlingand less troublesome operation and maintenance. LED INDICATORS Handy LED lights indicate ignition ON, low fuel, andPGM-FI status. No second guessing if you’ve left thekey on or you’re about to run out of gas, and anotherway Honda helps make motorcycle operation easy. RUGGED STEEL FRAME The CRF250F uses a strong, tubular-steel twinspar frame that borrows its design from the CRF-Rline, providing enhanced rigidity with just the rightamount of tuned flex for optimum handling in avariety of conditions. Combining strength with lightweight, it’s a stable foundation riders of all levels. ELECTRIC STARTER Turn the key, push the button, and let’s go riding!Electric starting is a big help on cold mornings, or ifyou need to restart out on the trail. Honda’s provensystem makes riding just that much more fun. KEYED IGNITION SWITCH The CRF250F features a keyed ignition switch foradded security. DISC BRAKES The front and rear disc brake provide crisp, balanced,powerful braking. The wave rotor on the front takesits styling cues from its MX siblings. This rotor is light,runs cooler and reduces unsprung weight. SUSPENSION The CRF250F’s leading-axle telescopic Showa forksand Pro-Link Showa shock deliver an excellentcombination of spring and damping rates to cover awide range of riding conditions. PROVEN MANUAL CLUTCH Honda’s heavy-duty clutch is build tough, yetprovides smooth, progressive engagement with alight lever pull, working seamlessly with the fivespeed gearbox. D30702 Stock ho Crf crf250 crf250f 250f crf230f 230 dirt bike trail
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