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2 543,00 $ CAD *
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What makes the new Honda Navi so much fun? First, its easy to ride, thanks to its automatic transmission.Its also easy to learn on even if youve never ridden a motorcycle before and because the Honda Navi is so compact, its easy to park as well (which definitely comes in handy in the city). 2023 Honda® Navi Small but mighty Features may include: Friendly power The Navi’s small but mighty 109 cc single-cylinder engine provides plenty of go-power for hopping around the city, yet is easy to control for new riders just getting up to speed. Proven reliability A bike as practical as the Navi is going to get ridden a lot, so we’ve made sure it’s super reliable. The air-cooled, SOHC, four-stroke engine uses proven components and requires a minimum of maintenance, so you get to ride, not repair. Automatic Transmission Suit up, hop on, start the ignition, twist the throttle, and go. It really is that easy to ride the Navi. Its Honda V-Matic automatic transmission with belt drive means no shifting, no clutch, and no stalling. Compact design The engine’s simple, compact design contributes to the Navi’s light weight and comfortable size, further enhancing performance and ease of use for riders of all sizes and skill levels. Practical fun Easy to manoeuvre, easy to park — at just 106 kg (234 lb.), the Navi’s light weight and excellent agility make it so much fun to ride you’ll forget how practical it is for commuting, running errands, whatever. Firm footing You’ll never feel unbalanced when stopped at a light while aboard the Navi. With a seat height of just 762 mm (30 in.), your feet can easily plant firmly on the ground. Full suspension Have a few bumps on your roads? Yeah, we thought so. The Navi’s front telescopic fork and single rear shock can handle rough pavement no problem. Familiar setup Just like on a full-size motorcycle, the Navi’s front-brake lever is on the right side of the handlebar and the rear-brake lever is adjacent to the right footpeg. Makes moving up to your next Honda easy and natural. Easy to own Not only is the Navi easy to ride, it’s also easy to afford, with an attractive initial price and lower operating costs, including great fuel mileage. Storage compartment Got stuff to carry? The Navi’s got you covered, thanks to its lockable storage box located below the fuel tank. The box can even be removed to give the bike a distinctive minimalist look. Fully equipped Electric starter, speedometer, front and rear lighting, turn signals, mirrors… the Navi is a full-sized motorcycle in everything but, well, size. Bring a friend Sometimes you want to ride solo, sometimes you want to bring a friend along for the ride. With the Navi and its two-up seat and folding passenger footpegs, you can do either.
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