Honda Valkyrie Rune 2005 18 900,00 $ CAD

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18 900,00 $ CAD
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This magnificent quality built 2005 Honda Valkyrie Rune is an icon, a legend, a rare find that private collectors cherish. Only 3,000 were manufactured as a limited-edition model refined from 2003-2005, initially listed in Canada in the $35,000 range. Underneath all of the incredible candy black cherry and chrome glitz beats the heart of a six-cylinder Goldwing powerplant, known for its performance and reliability. The liquid-cooled 5 speed rocket motor is unbelievably torque-oriented. There’s enough torque below 1000 rpm to pull away in top gear! This bike will take you above 200 km/h with ease. The wheelbase is nearly 6 feet with a comfortable low ride height of 27.2 inches allowing you to settle into that gunfighter solo seat. Vibration is virtually nonexistent. The chrome Super bowl-trophy LED headlight will make you feel like your straddled on a top-fuel drag bike. The gas tank holds 23 liters of fuel for a decent range of 330 km. In addition to the chrome alloy wheels, the chrome master cylinders have an integrated design complemented by stainless-steel mesh covered cables and hoses. Nearly every external part is only used on the Rune. You will find an integrated security system and complete instrumentation (except for a tachometer) on the handlebar and in a non-glare LED display on the tank. The 2005 Rune for sale is in near-mint condition with just over 31,300 km. There is a hairline crack on the lower shroud fairing under oil cooler. It is an easy repair but not noticeable unless you’re looking hard for it. The bike is in excellent shape runs well and everything on bike is working to spec. These motorcycles are becoming rarer as time goes on and yet the value continues to rise. There are only a handful of this model for sale. Similar bikes of this caliber are in the $20,000 range and today it’s at a steal-price of $18,900.00. If you are a serious collector of this rare model please contact Roger @ (250) 215.3411.