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TILBURY AUTO SALES & RV IS PROUD TO OFFER THIS BRAND NEW 2021 YAMAHA FJR1300ES TOURING MOTORCYCLE! Famous for outstanding performance and reliability, the FJR1300 has a reputation that is second to none in the sport touring world. With electronic suspension, an adjustable windscreen and smooth, reliable shaft drive, the FJR1300ES offers more comfort, performance and value than ever. ENGINE 1298cc, DOHC, 16-valve (4/cyl), liquid-cooled inline-four engine delivers serious power & torque plenty of torque over a wide RPM range … 14.1kg-m (102 ft-lb) @ 7,000 rpm low 9,000 rpm red line for incredible reliability & service life (ask somebody who owns one !) engine meets or exceeds Europe's EU-4 emission regulations 4-valve cylinder head design. compact combustion chambers with 10.8 compression ratio 30mm intake & 26mm exhaust valves exhaust valves feature carburized tips for durability (carburizing is a heat treating process that improves strength & durability) 4-valve design optimizes breathing efficiency & overall engine performance valve adjustment interval is 42,000 kms One-piece cylinder & upper crankcase assembly. excellent engine rigidity (engine is a stressed member of the chassis) lighter & more rigid than two-piece designs High lift intake & exhaust cams. side-driven double-overhead camshafts outstanding low to mid rpm torque & horsepower effortless sport touring with great passing power "Liner-less" ceramic composite plated cylinder bores. ceramic coating sprayed directly on the aluminum block eliminates the heavy liners & reduces weight excellent heat dissipation for consistent power delivery coating enhances the thin film of oil between the cylinders & pistons, reducing friction & increasing power High performance, short skirt, forged aluminum pistons. light weight for fast throttle response reduced reciprocating mass lessens mechanical vibration Low- vibration crankshaft. carburized connecting rods for excellent strength & durability Dual axis gear-driven secondary counter balancer. reduces engine vibration for enhanced rider & passenger comfort Automatic cam chain tensioner. reduces both maintenance & engine mechanical noise Maintenance-free transistor controlled ignition (TCI). produces a strong spark for fast starts provides precise ignition timing / mapping for optimum engine performance at all rpms High performance direct ignition coils. ignition coil is built directly into the spark plug cap significant weight reduction Yamaha Chip Control Throttle (YCC-T). YCC-T electronically controls throttle valves for outstanding throttle response & controllability YCC-T system provides precise control of intake air volume for a smoother torque curve ECU that controls YCC-T is capable of responding to changes at a speed of 1000th of a second Yamaha D-Mode variable throttle control … 2 modes available. works in conjunction with the YCC-T system enables the rider to adjust the performance characteristics of the engine based on riding preferences or riding conditions S-Mode allows the rider to enjoy full engine performance & power T-Mode slows throttle response for situations that require softer power characteristics, such as slippery or wet conditions "T-Mode" is well suited for more relaxed touring & reduces fuel consumption Traction control system works in conjunction with the YCC-T system utilizes front & rear wheel sensors (same sensors as ABS system) system senses when the rear wheel begins to spin & modifies the YCC-T function, ignition timing & fuel injection to reduce power and eliminate wheel spin traction control helps maintain traction when accelerating on slippery surfaces system is automatically engaged when the ignition is on … can be turned off if desired Electronic cruise control system. also part of the YCC-T family of functions "settable range" is from 50 to 160 km/hr & transmission must be in 3rd gear or higher cruise control can be cancelled by activating front or rear brakes, pulling in the clutch, completely closing the throttle grip or using the activation button control buttons are located on the L.H.S. handlebar switch gear Closed loop Mikuni, 42mm, throttle body fuel injection system. crisp, seamless throttle response regardless of weather or altitude system uses throttle position sensor (TPS) 4-hole Denso injectors "closed loop system" uses a heated oxygen sensor to "sniff" spent exhaust & automatically adjust the fuel / air ratio for reduced emissions heated oxygen sensor provides precise fuel - air ratio information, especially at lower engine temperatures fuel injection benefits include choke-free starting, steady idling during warm up, excellent fuel economy & reduced emissions Viscous paper-type air filter. Compact engine uses a stacked "Tri-Axis" design. stacked design reduces engine length & centralizes mass design allows the engineers to place the engine in the "sweet spot" of the frame optimized front & rear weight distribution for excellent handling characteristics 6-speed transmission with revised gear ratios. 6th gear offers more relaxed, higher speed cruising; engine rpm is reduced in top gear transmission features helical gears & separate gear dog design design keeps the transmission compact & quieter too (helical gears) revised gear ratios optimize the FJR's wide spread of power Special "scissors-type" primary driven gear. reduces drive train backlash reduces transmission noise Hydraulic clutch with slipper & assist functions. slipper clutch function reduces the negative effects of engine braking on handling & suspension assist function reduces clutch lever effort by up to 20% hydraulic design provides smoother operation & requires less maintenance Clean, quiet shaft drive. shaft drive system is super-durable & low maintenance system features mechanical cam dampers in the drive pinion for quieter, smoother power delivery to the rear wheel. Curved radiator uses twin "ring-type" cooling fans. excellent heat dissipation … curved rad offers more cooling area than a flat rad special air management moves hot air out of the cockpit area to reduce heat to the rider ring type fans "pull" more air than a conventional type fan Easy-access spin-on oil filter & drain plug make oil changes fast & easy. 4-into-1-into-2 stainless steel exhaust. optimizes engine performance across the power band Dual, three-way catalytic converters reduce emissions the FJR1300 meets or exceeds EU-4 emission standards Excessive lean angle cut-out switch prevents the engine running in the event of a tip over. CHASSIS Aluminum twin spar, diamond-type frame. frame design offers an excellent rigidity balance for optimum handling & loading engine is a stressed chassis member allowing for the use of a lighter main frame design perfect combination for sharp, accurate handling Fully detachable aluminum rear sub frame. reduces cost in the event of damage easier rear shock access Lightweight, cast aluminum swingarm. swingarm incorporates the shaft drive into its left side to reduce unsprung weight reduced unsprung weight helps to optimize suspension & handling Key chassis geometry figures include: caster angle = 26 degrees / trail = 109mm front - rear weight distribution is 51.9% front & 48.1% rear Electronically adjustable 43mm KYB inverted forks offer 135mm (5.4") of wheel travel. Electronically adjustable Monocross rear suspension with 125mm (4.8") of wheel travel. "Linked" electronic suspension asks the rider to choose from one of four presets for "load" (solo / solo & luggage / dual / dual & luggage). Once the load setting is chosen, the system automatically adjusts both the front & rear damping rates based on the load setting. If the rider wishes to "tune" the settings further, there are 3 "main" settings (soft / std / hard) to choose from. Within each of these 3 main settings, there are another 7 "fine tuning" settings available, for a total of 21 damping settings. The "load" setting must be chosen / adjusted with the unit stopped but running, while all other tuning can be done "on the fly". All adjustments are done via buttons on the L.H.S. switch gear. Suspension setting menu & adjustments are viewed in the DOT matrix section of the instrument panel. A duty cycle motor controls the "load" settings while stepping motors vary the oil flow rate in the forks & shock. The adjustable design allows a rider to easily tailor suspension settings to match load & road conditions. Special "SCU" or suspension control unit controls the electronic suspension. Dual 320mm front discs squeezed by Nissin 4-piston calipers … with ABS & UBS. excellent barking performance with good feedback to the rider 282mm rear disc brake with single piston caliper … with ABS & UBS. caliper is mounted on the underside of the swingarm to reduce torque action for superior suspension performance Front & rear brakes feature Yamaha's latest anti-lock brake (ABS) & variable unified brake (UBS) technology. ABS braking offers excellent control under hard braking or braking on wet or slippery surfaces controlling ECU & hydraulic unit are combined into a single compact unit allowing for mass centralization & reduced weight when ABS system senses impending wheel lock-up (via active type wheel sensors) it regulates the hydraulic brake pressure to the point just before the wheel(s) lock-up UBS system "unifies or links" the front & rear brakes when brakes are applied applying front brake will engage the UBS & to a varying degree will apply some rear brake force applying rear brake will activate rear brake & to a varying degree will apply some front brake force linked brakes may improve stopping power by accurately balancing front & rear brake pressures according to natural weight transfer Lightweight cast-aluminum 3-spoke wheels. lightweight design reduces unsprung weight for excellent suspension & handling performance rims sizes: front = MT3.50x17 (120/70ZR17) & MT5.50x17 (180/55ZR17) premium sport touring tires Adjustable handlebars offer three positions of adjustability. from centre position, the bars can be adjusted 5.5 mm forward or 5.5mm back total adjustment range is 11mm (0.4")… tools required Adjustable rider seat height. long distance designed separate rider & passenger seats quick adjust rider seat with height adjustment range of 20mm (0.8") seat adjustment takes mere seconds & requires no tools Stylish single piece upper fairing. provides great aerodynamics for reduced drag excellent wind & weather protection air flow management has been optimized for superior rider comfort Small item storage compartment (in fairing) with 12V / 30W DC power outlet 1 litre capacity is perfect for small items such as cell phone, wallet, garage door opener, etc. storage compartment lid can only be opened when the ignition is on inside the storage compartment is a 12 volt, 30 watt DC power outlet Push button operated electrically adjustable windscreen. windshield design reduces the "vacuum effect" (negative pressure) in the cockpit area adjustment range is 130mm (5.1") windshield features a memory & will hold its last position when the key is turned off windshield control button located on L.H.S. handlebar switch gear "Twin-eye" LED headlights. uses lightweight, compact, long life LEDs each "eye" contains both low & high beam LEDs LED position lights on left & right sides of main headlights provides excellent illumination & visibility easy access headlight aim adjusters to compensate for varying loads "Active" LED cornering lights with special IMU. a first on a Yamaha motorcycle 3-LED cornering lights per headlight (6 in total) lean or bank angle determines how many cornering lights function shallow lean angle = 1 / mid lean angle = 2 / deep lean angle = all 3 special IMU (inertial measurement unit) provides lean angle data for cornering light operation Middle cowl with adjustable air flow vents. no tools required adjustable side cowl vents adjustment range is 20mm or approximately 0.8" allows more or less air flow into the rider's hip & leg area LED rear taillight assembly. LED turn signals are integrated with taillight eye catching & unique tail light, brake light & turn signal displays … all LED Quick-release, locking, colour matched, 30 litre side bags. fast & easy removal of the 30 litre, colour matched bags … no tools required FJR1300 has been designed to look great with or without the saddlebags installed Ergonomically shaped, large-capacity 25-litre fuel tank offers an excellent riding range steel construction allows use of magnetic tank bags reserve portion is 5 litres (low fuel light illuminates) ENGINE Liquid cooled, DOHC, 16 valves (4-valves/cyl), in-line four DISPLACEMENT 1298cc BORE AND STROKE 79 x 66.2mm COMPRESSION RATIO 10.8:1 MAXIMUM TORQUE 14.1kg-m (102 ft-lb) @ 7,000 rpm ENGINE MANAGEMENT YCC-T, D-Mode, Traction Control, Cruise Control FUEL DELIVERY Mikuni 42mm throttle body F.I. ESTIMATED FUEL CONSUMPTION± 15.2kpl / 42.9mpg (Imp.) IGNITION / STARTING TCI / Electric TRANSMISSION 6-speed FINAL DRIVE Shaft SUSPENSION (FRONT) Electronically adjustable KYB inverted 43mm fork / 135mm (5.4") wheel travel SUSPENSION (REAR) Electronically adjustable link Monocross / 125mm (4.8") wheel travel BRAKES (FRONT) Dual 320mm discs with 4-piston calipers, ABS & UBS BRAKES (REAR) 282mm disc with single piston caliper, ABS & UBS TIRES (FRONT) 120/70ZR17 TIRES (REAR) 180/55ZR17 LENGTH 2,230mm (87.8 ") WIDTH 750mm (29.5") HEIGHT 1,325mm (52.2") to 1,455mm (57.3) WHEELBASE 1,545mm (60.8") RAKE / TRAIL 26° / 109mm (4.3") GROUND CLEARANCE 125mm (4.9") SEAT HEIGHT 805mm (31.7") or 825mm (32.5") FUEL CAPACITY 25 litres (5.5 imp.gal.) WET WEIGHT 291 kg (642 lb) COLOUR(S) Liquid Graphite Note: The FJR1300ES offers a significant level of power & performance. It is not intended for novice or inexperienced riders. 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