The Ultimate Scooter Put to the Ultimate Test - Kymco Compagno 110i at the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally

Article by: Jessica Kline

KYMCO compagno 110i scooter review mad bastard scooter rally

Over the years, I’ve ridden many kinds of motorized vehicles all over Ontario, from motorcycles to snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs and boats. Oddly enough, I’d never actually ridden a scooter, so when the opportunity was presented for me to challenge myself on 110ccs I figured I had nothing to lose and a new perspective to gain.

Rather than getting my feet wet with a short demo ride or small tour through a city, I jumped into the scooter life with both feet by attending the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally. This bi-yearly event, hosted by Kymco, is a 24-hour, 550km rally across the Southern Ontario countryside. This year, the event was held in London Ontario, and was attended by over 60 scooter enthusiasts from across North America.

Kymco Compagno 110i at Mad Bastard Scooter Rally

Dressed as Wonder Woman (costumes earned points), I jumped on my trusty stead, the Kymco Compagno 110i, and departed with a small group of fellow Mad Bastards on what proved to be the most unexpected, wild and challenging ride I have been on to date. This certainly was the ultimate test for this small two-wheeled machine so sit down, shut up and hold on; I’m about to give you the best nitty gritty, detailed scooter review you’ve ever read.


KYMCO compagno 110i scooter review back side

For a small displacement engine, this was certainly one peppy scooter! With its 9.6 HP, SOHC 4-stroke, fuel injected engine, combined with a CVT automatic transmission, the scooter was so easy and fun to drive. Sure at times I missed shifting and the power that a larger engine could offer, but this scooter surpassed my expectations and allowed me to not only keep up with my group but at times exceed them at a maxed out speed of 90km per hour.


From its name (the Campagno), to its sleek European-retro styling, this scooter just screams posh. While some machines compromise style for functionality, this scooter has both. It offered me enough space between the seat and handlebars for my long legs in addition to a nice glove box and helmet hook.

KYMCO compagno 110i scooter review front light

Ample under-seat storage offered enough space to fit the snacks, water, extra gear, and personal belongings I needed for this long-distance trip. The instrument panel was pretty simple, consisting of the odometer, fuel meter and warning lights. The design of the panel looked a bit juvenile (almost like a toy), rather than a road-legal motorized vehicle so perhaps there is room for improvement on this in the future.

KYMCO compagno 110i scooter review odometer


After sitting and riding a scooter for a 17-hour rally, I’m not sure how anyone could escape feeling sore afterwards. I thought ahead though and added a seat cushion for my ride which certainly helped to reduce the next-day soreness. I would say overall, that the seat was quite comfortable, as was the riding position. On other machines, I’ve oftentimes experienced shoulder or back discomfort and I didn’t get that with this scooter.

KYMCO Compagno Review 1024 X 768

The Campagno is built with telescopic forks in the front and dual shocks in the rear. Add 90/90 tires with disc brakes in the front, and drum brakes in the back, and you have a fairly simple setup. The scooter rides fine on smooth pavement and is relatively easy to maneuver. It’s a bit top-heavy in corners, so while I was ready to flick the throttle and lean in, I had to remind myself I wasn’t driving a sportbike.

Overall Impression

KYMCO compagno 110i scooter review side

This was a fun, easy to maneuver scooter that had some great practical features. I found it easy to fuel up, and it had great fuel mileage during my trip. It’s certainly not the fastest motorized vehicle I’ve been on, but for city riding or some cruising while on vacation, it makes a great companion.

Available in black, green or white, and with a 2-year limited warranty.

KYMCO compagno 110i scooter review specs
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